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Write a Book They Said – So I Did

During my weight loss and ever since I hit the 100 pounds down, several people have told me to write a book. Sure – no problem I thought. I am a writer, so I can write anything. I mean – how hard can it be? I have a story…but what will I say? Who really cares? Is it really worth it?

My Writing Background

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Do you know what goes into a book? My writing background is mainly tech. Over the past few years I have added health-related blogging, but my structured reading content has always been technical. Writing a technical book is easy. You have concepts you must cover, with a particular flow.

Google my name and you will find my published technical book that I co-authored with my husband and another guy.  Any other writing content of mine is proprietary with the company I worked for and you have to pay for training to consume it.

What Happened to Get Me Writing

The first weekend of June this year, I went to GRRRL Live in Las Vegas. This was my second year attending and I loved it, yet again. On the second day, Caterina Rando spoke on stage for all of 10 minutes and gave me the missing pieces to write my book. In a nutshell, she helped me come up with the missing structure. Unfortunately, I never connected with Caterina before leaving. But here are pictures from the event 🙂

Fast forward to June 4th – I was jet lagged on June 3rd – I sat down to put my ideas together. Taking the concepts from Caterina, I developed my outline – which actually came from I presentation I have now given twice.

The Tools I Used for the Book

I started scripting in Google Docs and when I was 90% done, I Googled self publishing tools. I found the following article and hit up each page. Ultimately, I decided to use Kindle Create.

The app was fairly easy and is very simplistic. I downloaded the app on June 12th and published the book the same day. Yep. Nine days after sitting down to write, I was publishing to Amazon Kindle.

What the Book Is About

As mentioned, the book structure came from a presentation I have given before. While the presentation is titled Working for a Living, the talk centers around the various excuses I have heard over the years around weight loss. Using this structure, I challenge the reader around the excuse and then share information about me. The information is in relation to the topic and split between my childhood and adult life. Since the structure came from the excuses, the book is titled No Excuses and is available in eBook or hard copy on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy it. This has sparked other ideas for books…

Keli Hay is a certified personal trainer using her weight loss success to help others.

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You Are Fat, I Thought You Should Know

Last week when presenting at Hou.Sec.Con the first question asked to me was “How do you tell your partner or spouse they are fat and need to lose weight.” I admit to laughing as did most other people in the room.

My response was simple. “You don’t.” 

Everyone Is Different

I know several people that have experienced the weight-loss rollercoaster. Some people have had surgery to drop the pounds, while others have paid for a “medically supervised weight loss” program, where they eat less than 1,000 calories a day and need the doctor to provide missing nutrients. More commonly, many people join a weight loss program or follow a fad.

The Results?

The majority – not surprisingly – fail to keep the weight off long term. The people that have completed the weight loss surgery, while lighter, fail to actually eat better. So, while they might be down significantly in weight and probably no longer dealing with health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, they have failed to take control of their eating habits. For people that join weight loss programs or jump on a weight loss fad, they might push through the program to lose the weight, but as soon as the weight is off, they go back to old habits and the weight returns.

The Fix?

There isn’t a fix. Simply put, people aren’t born obese. People also don’t suddenly wake up obese. Something has happened or is going on in their life that has led them to the lifestyle they are living. So, if someone is obese, it is not your place to tell them. When it comes to lifestyle choices, it is up to the person affected to recognize the problem and commit to change it. 

Historically Speaking

I was probably 14 the first time I was told by a boy that I was fat. The problem? I actually wasn’t heavy back then. As I went through college, my weight crept up and as soon as I started sitting in an office, the weight kept coming. My grandfather told me in my twenties that I was fat. He was almost 90 at the time and thought nothing of his words.

What actually worked for me? I think it was a combination of things. Mainly being frustrated with work. I needed an outlet, so I started going to the gym. My trainer time was my disconnection. My nutrition reconstruction was something I could control. Something I wasn’t getting with my job/career.

As we all know, losing weight is easy. Just ask someone that has never had to lose it!

Keli Hay is a certified personal trainer using her weight loss success to help others.

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